Chestnut and red berries

Summer harvest 2021
Honeydew*with woody, flowery, mentholated and slightly exotic taste with the smell of caramel notes.
Main floral environment: Chestnut tree, lime tree, privet, honey locust tree, tree of heaven, white clover, blackberry, rosacea, dogwood tree, wild vine.

*The main difference between a nectar honey and a honeydew honey is the raw material harvested: to produce a nectar honey, the bee forages the flowers while the production of honeydew honey involves the intervention of an intermediary.
They are biting-sucking insects that produce honeydew, such as aphids, pyslles, whiteflies or mealy bugs, which sting the tender parts of plants and feed on the nitrogenous substances contained in the sap. They then reject the sweetened material they cannot digest, honeydew. These exudates are then taken back by the bees who will bring them back to the hive and process them again, to produce honeydew honey.