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Once more, such a strange year!

The beekeeping season started early this year due to a mild winter and a warm spring.

Until mid-april, the beehives were expanding themselves with the flourishing nectar at disposal all around.
However, a cold and rainy period started for over two weeks and during that period, the bees have eaten back their harvest with temperatures well below 12°. Consequently, some gardens were not productive for this spring period.
For the summer, a drought period with rainy spells, the honeys are filled with red fruits, black current giving to the palate a farandole of flavors.

Beeyond Paris has also new gardens located in Chambourcy.

Le Désert de Retz, in an historical and peaceful atmosphere, is an ideal environment for our bees.
In that sam town, le Verger de la Marnière, is a garden with hundreds of fruit trees giving us an honey with so many voluptuous fragrances.

Bees should be praised for the treasures they bring to us every year.
Thank you for the bee and honey lovers.